Perfect for the D-I-Y client



Virtual Design is a popular service for those Do-It-Yourself clients that just need the guidelines.

STEP 1: We book a consult where we can discuss your project and the perimeters. Or we send you a form to fill out with information we need to get started.

On average we create and send out 8 virtual designs a week. 

STEP 2: We start building the design. You will receive a customized link with the products to purchase, a floorplan with furniture layout and other tools to transform the room yourself. 

All the furniture is sourced from places you can order yourself* from various vendors with different price points. All designer discounts are passed to you!

STEP 3: Order and assemble the furniture. If you need assistance with placement or styling you can book a styling session and we will come to perfect the space! On average within 2 weeks you can completely transform a room that you can now relax and enjoy in.

* Custom furniture and window treatments are available, lead times can vary on these from 4-12 weeks.

Prices based on amount of selections.

Furnishings Virtual Design:

1 Room design with 1 set of selections - $500

1 Room design with 2 sets of selections - $900

1 Room design with 3 sets of selections - $1300

Remodeling Virtual Design:

1 Room selections: Paint, flooring, fixtures, counters, cabinet color and more - $500

1 Room selections + Countertop bid and wholesale showroom to view products unaccompanied - $900

1 Room selections, countertop bid, showroom and cabinet design rendering - $1300

Ready to Get Started?

Virtual Design

Let’s transform your room quickly and efficiently! 


First, we gather all of your requirements, measurements, inspiration pictures and budget.


Second, you receive your customized link within 2 weeks with designs and tools necessary to complete the room yourself!


Last, I come and style the space. Adding accessories and perfecting your oasis. (additional and optional)