UPDATE YOUR HOME – Need a change?

This is a designer/client collaboration. We work with you to create your new space. 



Depending on the type of remodel, your session may be spent in different ways. This session can be used for:

+ Creating a scope of work for a contractor

+ Estimating material costs and product education

+ Vision and overall design

+ Selecting materials for your remodel

+Reviewing contractor bids and submissions

+Preplanning for a remodel


When working with us, you have access to our wholesale material showrooms and additional designer discounts from our vendors

Hourly charge ranges from $150/hr to $100/hr based on project size. Give us a call to discuss!

*Contractors and labor are hired directly by you the client. We do not coordinate their schedules, take a profit off of their labor or accept liability for their work. We do provide our clients with a preferred labor referral list to use at their discretion. 


Ready to Get Started?

Remodel Consulting

 Let’s work together to bring your vision to life!


First, we gather all of your requirements and come up with ideas.


Second, we discuss products and costs associated.


Last, I write a scope of work for you to submit to contractors.