This couple decided it was time to have a place to retreat at the end of the day and wanted a fresh take on their bedroom. Refinishing older furniture is an economical way to liven up a space. These Thomasville nightstands were repainted and new hardware added to make them look like new. With a little paint, a new light fixture and a beautiful set of furniture we were able to deliver them a place worth looking forward to. Pro Tip: When working with small windows, mount a natural woven shade a foot above the window. Finish off with curtains mounted high and wide to make the room look larger.

Blue Bedroom Bliss
April 5, 2017
Design Cost:
Brooke MacNicol

Project Review

Creative and Idea

Lighten and brighten space

Planning and Concept

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Pillows and bedding are typically added on styling day to give personality to the space