Be a part of the design process



Creating a design together insures efficiency because I have your opinion along the way.

Be a part of the design process.

Watch your design come to life as we work together to design a beautiful, cohesive look for your room.

STEP 1: We set aside a design slot to work on the room(s) of your choice. First we will be drawing the floor plans, discussing furniture arrangements, style, budget, and more.

On average, one vacant room takes 4 hours to design.

STEP 2: We start building the design with use of a visionboard so you can see the room come together before purchasing furniture. I want your feedback as we go. If you aren't fond of a piece of furniture I will switch it for another option and at the end of our session we have an entire design that you are pleased with, because you helped design it!

All the furniture is sourced from places you can order yourself* from various vendors with different price points. View our vendor list here.

STEP 3: You are responsible for ordering and assembling furniture (handyman referral available) Once furniture arrives, you have the option to book a styling session where we arrange the room, acquire certain accessories and style the space to perfection! Within 2 weeks you can completely transform a room that you can now relax and enjoy in.

* Custom furniture and window treatments are available, lead times can vary on these from 4-12 weeks.

  • Step 1: Ideas + Requirements
  • Step 2: Build the Design
  • Step 3: Style & Arrange

Plus, you get additional savings with my designer discounts. I do not take a markup on any furniture, building materials, or window treatments. All of those savings are passed directly to you!

Your investment is $100 per hour. In-home design periods are booked in 4 hour increments per session. 


On average a vacant room takes 4 hours to design. If we are working with existing furniture we can work on more than 1 room per session.


Ready to Get Started?

In-Home Design

Want to be a part of the design process? Let’s work together to bring your vision to life!


First, we gather all of your requirements and come up with the design.


Second, you order all the necessary items in the design


Last, I come and style the space. Adding accessories and perfecting your oasis