No time to shop? Let me do it for you!



STEP 1: We will visit you on-site to access the project scope, take measurements, discuss style and other details with you. 

STEP 2: After acquiring items, they will be delivered to your home. We work with area vendors to pick unique items for your project.

STEP 3: Upon delivery, we will then arrange and style the new items while incorporating your current design elements.

  • Step 1: Home Tour
  • Step 2: Scope & Acquire
  • Step 3: Arrange + Style

Hourly charge ranges from $150/hr to $100/hr based on project size. Give us a call to discuss!

*Handyman available by referral

Accessories and decor are funded by you, the client. Our unique shopping abilities allow you to return or exchange items with ease if necessary. 

Ready to Get Started?


Simple accessories can transform a room with ease!


First, we take a home tour and discuss the areas you would like to concentrate on


Second, we will acquire the items needed


Last, we bring the items to your home to style and place alongside your pre-existing elements